Updated OPT Reporting Portal

The OPT Reporting Portal has been updated.

This new portal consists of individual reports that prompt you for all of the information necessary to fulfill your OPT reporting requirements, including the uploading of documents.

Changes include:

  • Updated Design
  • No Login Requirement
    • Upon form submission, a confirmation email is sent to you via the current email address we have on file.
    • The email allows you to confirm the submission or indicate that you did not submit a report (See sample email below)
    • Reports that are not confirmed within 24 hours are not processed and are removed from the system.
  • Separate Forms for Each Reporting Requirement
    • Each for prompts for all of the information needed to identify you and to fulfill the requirements of the selected report type.
  • Ability to Upload Required Documentation
    • Uploaded documents can be images (gif, jpg, jpeg, png) or PDF files.


Large Screens

Smaller Screens (Phones/Tablets/etc)

Sample Confirmation Email